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Ano de fundação 1871

We are aware of our role in society and the responsibility that comes with it. Our goal is to actively protect the resources available on our planet. That is why our actions are characterized by the constant pursuit of higher efficiency.

We are conscientious people who help others around the world fulfill their dreams of mobility. Mobility and transport are essential elements of our lives. We want to play our part in meeting the high expectations related to this. As a responsible, leading company and the partner of choice, we invent, develop, produce and market indispensable and pioneering technological solutions.

Highly developed, intelligent technologies for mobility, transporting materials and processing data make up our world.

We are a commercial enterprise, and so our primary task is to efficiently provide goods and services to the full satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders, such as customers, employees, investors, business partners, politicians and society.

Remuneration at Continental: Sharing the Benefits of our Success

When it comes to compensating our employees, we believe in good pay for good performance. We are committed to the idea of sharing our success. So a remuneration system that rewards good performance plays a decisive part at Continental – and extends beyond the upper levels of management. 

Attractive bonuses

We provide our employees a variety of bonus opportunities. Depending on the location and regional standards, in addition to an industry competitive base salary, we offer attractive, performance-based bonuses based on previously agreed targets. We know that our success depends on the motivation and commitment of our employees, so it goes without saying that we reward successful performance.

Ofertas de emprego na empresa Continental